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 Why we suggest Ken Kirkpatrick Software ? 

If you haven't noticed already we have links to Ken Kirkpatrick Software all over our web site. The reason for this is because we believe that their first name  software is simply the best software available on the market today.


We do not get paid for including these links on our web site, nor do we share profits . We sell our products to anyone, not just users of Ken Kirkpatrick Software.

If you read the introduction letter you will have a better understanding of why we think they are the best choice.

We get calls all the time from customers inquiring about first name  software.Unfortunately, not everyone calls before they purchase their software and they usually end up purchasing or converting to Ken Kirkpatrick Software in the end.

The bottom line is that "it's a "no brainer" - You WILL get the best bang for your buck with Ken Kirkpatrick Software . . . . here's why

  • All Ken Kirkpatrick Software titles include FREE UPDATES FOR LIFE

Think about that for a minute.How many software companies offer this ? If you purchase Norton Utilities or Virus Protection Software for your PC, you are purchasing a subscription to use that software for one year. After that, it's time to update and buy that software all over again. Think about ANY software title you have purchased, Photoshop ( or other graphics programs), Word Processing programs, Excel,Lotus, Cd burning software, the list could go on for miles . . .

Now ask yourself
"How many of them included FREE UPDATES FOR LIFE" ? 
The answer is probably none !

In all of our experience with Ken Kirkpatrick Software we have seen their software updated literally hundreds of times. What does this mean to you ? It means buy it once and reap the benefits forever !

  • These update are "live" updates over the internet, no waiting for disks or Cd's !

The "Free Updates For Life" feature ALONE is worth the incredibly low prices they charge.Other companies charge for updates and call them "modules" , a fancy way of saying " we need to sell you more software" Others say "Updates within the same level".... another fancy way of saying you will have to pay more if new features are added.

  • Fully functional "Try before you buy" evaluation software
    (nobody else does this)

Most software companies don't even offer "try before you buy" but the ones that do usually give you a small taste of what the product can do. If you want to activate and evaluate the best features you have to buy the software. Not with Ken Kirkpatrick Software . . . . download the fully functional software titles, use them, check them out and then decide if its right for you.In our opinion, you should be able to SEE what you are buying before you buy it.If you can't see it, how do you know what you are getting?

Would you buy a car or a house or any other product without seeing it first?

  • More Registered Users than all of their competitors combined x 10

  • Ken Kirkpatrick Software was recently selected by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the "Hot 500 business opportunities". 

  • They are listed in both the Business Opportunity 500  and Home based 400 by Entrepreneur Magazine

  • Pioneer -  Trust the experience of a company who started this type of personalization business. 

  • No hidden charges, no hardware locks, no royalties, no "pay per click". 

Here is something most people don't think about;

Ken Kirkpatrick Software does one thing -
Publish "Money Making Software".

Because of this,they can spend all their time developing and enhancing software. Other companies have to deal with production and distribution of software,art,picture frames and all accessory items.Not only do they have to deal with that but they also distribute their time to employees, book-keeping,advertising and the list goes on.

In short, Ken Fitzpatrick Software = Developers/Programmers.

Shouldn't you purchase your software from a software developer or computer programmer ?

Makes perfect sense , doesn't it ?

The Power Of Two.

"All About Names Inc." and "The Ken Kirkpatrick Software Company" are separate companies. Many people are confused by this. If you think about this, you will see how perfect your situation is -

  • Ken Kirkpatrick Software = Professional Software Development 

    That's what they do !

  • All About Names = Product Development and Marketing

    That's all we do !

 Summary: When deciding which first name software or poetry software is right for you, print this page and compare the differences for yourself.

You will see it as we do . . . .

 It's A No Brainer ! 

  • INCREDIBLY LOW PRICES (Why would you pay more ?)
  • NO HARDWARE LOCKS ( Make sure you ask these vendors if they use locks)
  • LIVE INTERNET UPDATES (Upgrade in seconds)

If you are considering a different first name software or poetry software package be sure ask that company the following questions;

  1. Do they offer FREE UPDATES FOR LIFE ? - If not, how much are updates ?
  2. Do they offer instant internet updates ?
  3. Can you try the software first ?
  4. How many active and registered users do they have ?
  5. How many years have they been selling software (not products,SOFTWARE )
  6. How easy is it to install and use their software ?
  7. Have they ever been rated by Ziff Davis,Small Business Opportunities or PC Magazine ?
  8. How many software titles do they offer ?
  9. Can you purchase the software online ?
  10. Do they offer free technical support AFTER the sale ?

Still have questions . . .
Just give us a call or drop us a line .


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